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Service Auto Premium custom made exhausts

Many Years of Experience

Since it opened, the specialized Service Auto Premium Auto Centre has had many requests for modifications to the exhaust system. Whether for performance, the sound of the exhaust or even for the look, there are many reasons specific to each one.

The types of work done on the exhaust system vary, including complete system replacement or only certain parts, such as the catalytic converter, resonator or muffler. Service Auto Premium frequently works on replacing mufflers for certain models of road vehicles, even for racetrack use. Generally, modifying this part increases performance, and especially improves the sound.

Over the years, our extensive experience has enabled us to discover certain recurring problems:
Exhaust pipes sometimes don’t fit perfectly on the mufflers and manifolds, which requires additional adjustment work.
Sometimes the quality of the materials makes installation unreliable or the products just aren’t durable, which can cause rust and premature wear.

Project Based on Customer Satisfaction

These various observations didn’t meet Service Auto Premium’s criteria for excellence. Both the owner Jean-Philippe, and the senior partner Martin, came to the conclusion that readily available aftermarket products were not providing their customers with quality that was consistent enough.

These conclusions were the basis for the idea to design and produce their own exhausts. Very quickly, throughout 2018, they found local suppliers to supply raw materials and began creating prototypes. From the start, they were able to count on the involvement of one of their employees, who has many years of welding experience, to help manufacture the exhausts.

High Performance Exhaust Welding | Service Auto Premium

First Tests

During the first year, production difficulties slowed the development of the new product. The result was that only one jig was available, allowing for the production of two models with two variants each, with or without a catalytic converter. The facilities were able to produce compatible exhausts for Porsche 911 (997) 2005-2008, and 911 (996) 1999-2004 vehicles, and each part was produced on special order from a customer. The quality of the product met all expectations, with a better match of the part on each vehicle and a significant increase in durability.

Just a few months after the start of production of the first exhaust, the famous SEMA Auto Show was held in Las Vegas in October 2018. Jean-Philippe and Martin, who had already planned to attend, took advantage of the opportunity to look for new material suppliers and stay up to date of the latest automotive innovations.

It was clear that their main supplier, based in Montreal, already offered some of the best quality steel available on the market for exhaust parts. Even though they did not discover anything the wanted at the SEMA Show, attending the event was still memorable for the two co-owners of Service Auto Premium.

Increased Production

At the beginning of 2019, the fabrication of the first jig greatly facilitated the production of exhausts. Parts can now be produced faster and in advance, without needing to have a vehicle to test the part.

During the year, production was extended to other models and several options were introduced, now available with or without a catalytic converter. Porsche Boxster 986 owners can have modifications done for the road or the racetrack. In all cases, we offer our customers better performance and a richer sound!

At the end of 2020, the constant desire to improve Service Auto Premium products led to the purchase of a new piece of equipment. A new saw specifically for cutting steel pipes replaced the older model. The new machine allows for cuts that are more precise, faster and cleaner. We quickly saw an increase in the quality of the exhausts.

Nouvelle scie pour la coupe des tuyaux Coupe d'un tuyau d'échappement


Each new exhaust model is designed the same as the very first. The process is now faster, but the steps are the same :

  1. Find a test vehicle
  2. Take measurements of the space available from the manifold to the outlet, depending on the exhaust variants or options for the model in question
  3. Design and build a first prototype
  4. Do a first temporary installation on the vehicle
  5. Observe the stress points: too close to other parts, difficult connections or not tight enough
  6. Correct the observed defects: an entirely new part is made
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until all faults are corrected
  8. Do a road test to ensure sound quality and performance
  9. Design a jig with the exhaust that fits perfectly on the vehicle

1st prototype : Exhaust bend need to be adjusted
Trop grande proximité avec le silencieux
1st prototype : Muffler positioning need to be changed
Porsche 997.2 turbo exhaust jig | Service Auto Premium
Completed exhaust jib for Porsche 997.2 Turbo
Trop grande proximité avec le silencieux Final exhaust prototype for Porsche 997.2 Turbo on the jig

Each jig matches a specific vehicle model and can be used for the production of an exhaust only for that model. After the jig is fabricated, it allows for the manufacture of exhausts without needing a reference vehicle. The jig includes all the important points that need to be followed.

Currently, Service Auto Premium can undertake the production of exhausts for the following models of Porsche vehicles :

  • Flanges position
  • Position of the muffluer and manifold connection
  • Position of the O2 sensors (if applicable)
  • Anchor points
  • Space restrictions (bodyparts or car parts)

Currently, Service Auto Premium can undertake the production of exhausts for the following models of Porsche vehicles:

  • Porsche Boxster 986 2.7 L (2000 - 2004)
  • Porsche Boxster 986 3.2 L (2000 - 2004)
  • Porsche 911 (996) 1997 - 2004
  • Porsche 911  (997) 2004 - 2012
  • Porsche 911 GT3 / GT3 RS 991 (2013-2019)
  • Porsche 911 GT3 CUP 991
  • Porsche 911 Turbo / Turbo S 997.2 (2010 - 2013)  

Installation and Customization

Porsche vehicle owners have a choice of customization when their exhaust is installed. Although the parts are designed to match the original manifold and, depending on the model, the options or variants of the exhausts, many customers will take the opportunity to make modifications.

Depending on the vehicle owner’s preference, the resonator (sometimes called a pre-muffler) can be removed or replaced with a different model. This modification only changes the sound of the exhaust. The resonator works by removing certain tones, and removing or replacing it only changes various frequencies of the exhaust sound.

Then, the muffler system can be replaced for road vehicles to change the power or overall sound of the exhaust. For some racing vehicles, the muffler is sometimes removed for better performance, if noise restrictions in effect in the different series or certain racetracks allow for it.

Service Auto Premium supports and advises all its customers to help them choose the right modifications for them.

Exhaust Swap Porsche 911 | Service Auto PremiumComplete muffler and exhaust replacement for a Porsche 911 '79 backdate Original exhaust | Service Auto PremiumOriginal Exhaust of the Porsche 911 '79 backdate

Improvement and New Models

Service Auto Premium wants to be able to offer its performance exhausts for the most recent Porsche vehicle models. However, acquiring new vehicles for the design stage is more difficult, as the vehicles are harder to find and owners are less willing to make modifications immediately after their purchase.

For summer 2021, the objective is to finalize the design and start production of exhausts for Porsche Boxster vehicles through to 2015.
Beginning in 2022, new exhaust options will be designed for Porsche 718 and Porsche Cayman GT4 982 models.

Our specialized Auto Centre is always ready to work on custom projects. No matter what performance exhaust models are available in production, there will always be a place for custom projects at Service Auto Premium.

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